Monday, February 19, 2007

The one selling tip you won't see on every other real estate website

Everyone knows that when you're selling your home it's the little things that can make all the difference in the world, some are pretty lose the dead plants. Yep, had a listing were the friend of the seller that was residing in the condo until it was sold promised to remove the 4 foot high once green things, now brown and crunchy. And who hasn't seen one of the many lists that exist on the web how to prepare your home to be sold...clean, repaint if necessary, lose the clutter, yada yada yada. So let's assume that you're not going to repaint, but you've lived in your home and there are some marks on the walls to say the least. Or let's say that your about to vacate the home your selling and your once pristine white closests are now slashed with major black smudges. Especially when a home is vacant, small details like closet smudges stand out and seem to give the home an almost dirty lived in feel. Not good, especially after you've gone to all the effort to make your home show as well as possible. And nothing is worse than trying to get marks and whatever else off those painted walls. I've found a little trick that gets that stuff off your walls in a flash. I haven't a clue how it works, but the Mr Clean Magic Eraser takes everything off with next to no effort. I always take a few erasers to my listings do a quick run through on the walls and closets. Instead of potential buyers having their attention drawn to the black smudges that inevitably occur in closets and on walls, they're instead noticing the professional organizers that the seller had installed or the custom wood blinds. While these are minor details, the details are what can make all the difference.