Monday, July 10, 2006

Pets need homes too!

We all love our animals and they are undoubtedly an important part of our lives. More and more, people treat pets like family. I even call my 2 cats, Puc and LuLu, my children and have my parents calling them the grandkids. Anything to take a little pressure off! Puc and LuLu make me laugh, cry, and sometimes I want to wring their necks when they misbehave, but seriously I can't imagine not having them in my life. With this trend, more and more condos are permitting pets of all shapes and sizes to reside with their human companions, but there are still many condos out there that have pet restrictions or do not allow pets at all. Pet restrictions are not uncommon, especially in high-rises, and can vary from the maximum weight a dog can be to a maximum number of animals that are allowed. Periodically you run into a condo that requires a pet deposit and they generally don't discriminate between cats and dogs. In a highly unusual scenario, I even had a client who loved a particular building so much that he was willing to pay a $600/year fee so he could keep his cat. Now that's love! If you have pets or are thinking of making an addition to your family in the future, this is something to consider as part of your home search criteria. I have seen too many people search without this in mind, find their dream home and give up their beloved pet as a result. With so many pet-friendly options available in Chicago, there is no reason to make this sacrifice.