Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chicago real estate....at the top of the list again

There's no doubt about it I love Chicago....grew up here, went to school in Ohio, lived in Washington DC for awhile, and after that stint decided I need to get back. My now husband was determined on moving to Seattle and all I could say was, "doesn't it rain there most of the year?" It wasn't happening. So needless to say here I am and so are a whole lot of other people according to Move.com. Chicago is apparently the most popular city to move to followed by Houston, Austin, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Being a Chicago native, I thought that was pretty cool but I've also noticed the trend in my day to day work. I'm talking with people from all over the country whether they're relocating for job reasons or are in the process of moving back to be close to family, etc. In fact one of my clients seems to be making his way around the country...he was living in Los Angeles, moved to Houston for work and is now being relocated by his employer to Chicago. Another client who was originally from Milwaukee who currently lives in Manhattan is now coming back with her husband and wants to maintain their city lifestyle. And Chicago seems to welcome all. Like I've said before, there is something for everyone in this city and I think that is so much part of it's appeal. If culture and museums are your thing, it's here, if you're into sports, name it we have it...even a new lacrosse team, the Chicago Shamrox. Our neighborhoods are pretty distinct from one other...high-rise living does not suit all...and that variety (high-rise life, bohemian chic or just a traditional quaint neighborhood), it's all here.

And though some might disagree with me, relative to other big cities, Chicago is pretty affordable. Check this out....the estimated average single family/condo price for some of the "big" cities....

San Francisco - $602,000
Los Angeles - $545,000
New York City - $454,000
Miami - $340,000
Chicago - $309,000

And to all those people that are wondering how all these new construction projects popping up everywhere are going to sell, well there's your answer.

Image from destination360.com