Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's all about the VIEW....and other requests

I've had several clients this past year whose #1 priority was the view. Forget granite countertops, marble bathrooms, those were bonuses, but what was the view. Chicago real estate offers plenty of view, it just depends on what view you're looking for. Take your pick....lake views, city views, lake and city views, park views, Chicago River views, Wrigley Field views, and less desirable building and living room (when you can watch your neighbor's tv from your living room) views. I even had someone ask about zoo views. I'm not kidding, they wanted to know if there were buildings that looked into Lincoln Park Zoo, not your typical request. For these clients the view is almost priceless.

Here's some other interesting "requests" that I've had....

* Have dogs, need to be near a park, just not a dog park necessarily, dogs love people just not other dogs
* South Loop one bedroom with parking and I don't want to see more than 15 units - we did it in 10
* I want to walk less than 15 minutes to work (55 W Monroe) - thank god for office building converting to condos and how does a half a block away sound to you
* I want a new construction single family without a lower level - forget it, it doesn't exist
* No cats can have ever resided in the condo, I have terrible allergies - can you say new construction

So you could care less about view as long as it's not a garbage dump. Got it. So, what's your #1 "request?"

Photo courtesy of me from 1529 S State