Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tag I'm it....or Meme I'm it?

Suddenly I feel like I'm playing a game of tag. Yes, I totally felt like a grade school kid running around the playground when I got memed the first time by, Eric . So I started putting some thoughts together. It's hard to think of things that people don't know about me. I'm an open book. And then I get memed by Geno....I got the hint, so here goes....

1) I'm half Italian and I don't like to cook. I know, I know, you say how could that be, all Italians like to cook? Well, I grew up in a kitchen, literally. My family owned a restaurant in West Dundee and then later moved to Chicago. So what happened to me, I'm not quite sure, maybe overexposure. If you have any ideas, let my husband know, he's hoping the "cooking" genes kick in one of these days.

2) I'm a total animal person, cats, dogs, whales, otters, whatever. Ok, birds aren't high on my list. I have cats now, but used to be a dog person. In high school/college, I lost two dogs back to back, both at very young ages, 1 1/2 and 3 1/2. After that I couldn't bring myself to get another dog, I felt jinxed. So after a few years with just some fish to entertain me, I decided to try cats and haven't looked back. I will admit one cat Puc, thinks he's a dog.

3) I played competitive tennis throughout high-school and some of college. To this day, I'm the only person I know that managed to make tennis a full-contact sport, well with the court at least. I chased down everything and I mean everything. During a doubles match, the other team lobed a ball over my partner's head to the opposite corner of the court. Hell-bent that we would not lose this point I chased down the ball and returned it. The problem was, I couldn't stop and I was heading face first into the court. I curled into a ball and rolled over 3 times before I finally stopped. Needless to say all the matches around us came to a stretching halt. Did we win the point? No, don't get me started.

4) At three years old I was diagnosed with leg perthes disease, which basically means that the ball of the hip joint was not forming into bone properly. Thanks to the doctors at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago I am able to walk without any signs of the disease. The only sign left it that in x-rays the affected hip is more square than round.

5) Ok, most people know I like football, but don't know that I didn't know much of anything about the game until about 12 years ago. My family just didn't watch the games at all, so when I met my now husband Chris, who lived and breathed football from birth, I was bored out of my skull. Tight pants only go so far. Since I wanted to spend Sundays with him I decided that I was going to learn football. I didn't want to just understand that a touchdown gets you 6 points, I wanted to be able to discuss football intelligently. Slowly I started to put all the pieces together. Right now I'm working on how to understand if the offense is showing run or pass and how they determine pre-snap reads. Sorry girls. Don't hate me.