Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Recent Headlines

House prices are heating, cooling, freezing, holding - (chicagotribune.com)
As much as the media would like to portray imminent doom of the housing market as a nationwide event, Ken Harvey does a great job bringing reality into the local real estate picture. Some markets have double digit appreciation, while others have the dreaded depreciation, while others like Chicago have a modest & positive 5.2% appreciation

It's all about the pricing for those seeking a timely sale - (chicagotribune.com)
In today's market, and in any market for that matter, pricing correctly will always be key to selling a home, as I've mentioned in previous posts. The last thing any seller wants to have is their property sitting on the market day after day without any interest. This article, in a quick snapshot, touches on many of the same things I discuss with my clients before taking the listing.

Fresh start at Cabrini-Green - (suntimes.com)
To be fair they really should say the former Cabrini Green. The few buildings that are left are coming down quickly, dinosaurs of another time, another hope. It will be interesting to see what will become the new face of what was Cabrini Green and if the mixed-income project will continue to bear the burden of the past.

J. Hancock Center gets no love - (chicagoist.com)
It seems not only do consumers love new construction, but so do businesses, at least that's my speculation since I haven't done any scientific studies. After 9/11 businesses vacated "high-risk" buildings like the Sears Tower and John Hancock, but within a few years the Sears Tower at least was again filling those vacant offices. With the availability of new construction in the Loop, and businesses like IBM abandoning their flagship building, it seems that the John Hancock has also fell victim to this trend as well.
Picture from Tewksbury Borough Council