Monday, September 25, 2006

New concepts in "mobile homes"

I just saw this interesting new concept in "mobile homes," though I don't think you'll be taking this new home to the local trailer park. This new home is called Loftcube, and based on the picture on the left, the name seems to be appropriate. Yes, while this abode is mostly glass, and a cozy 420 square feet, it can also be tailored to the buyer's desires. Pick your colors, materials, blinds (thank god they're included), glass translucence and even customize your layout. And yes, there is a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and you can see the living room. And all this can be yours for the mere base price of $110,000. While, you can't exactly hook a Loftcube to the back of your SUV, all you need is either a freight helicopter or construction crane. No, this is no joke. The Loftcube is the brainchild of Werner Aisslinger, which I believe is a German company. It's certainly one of the most interesting ideas I've seen in housing in recent years and it will be interesting to see where this goes. Maybe it will be the new beach house.