Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Time for some grub

Don't you love it when you rediscover some long forgotten anything, a picture, a note from your sweetheart, whatever, and you're as excited about it as the first time you saw it? I just had one of those moments. I know you're going to laugh when I tell you what it is, so don't laugh. I rediscovered The website has listings of Chicago restaurants that deliver, including menus. Now I understand this might not sound like anything to get too excited about, but I live a half block west of Damen and none of the major delivery services, CEO Deliveries or Dining In, etc will deliver to me. They only deliver west to Damen and not an inch further. So in those moments when my refrigerator is empty I rely on the few menus that I've collected. Boring! Check out the website, it's got tons of great features, and if you're like me your refrigerator spends more time empty than full!